onsdag 4 november 2009

the pathetic Idiots invade the world

I can´t belive i´m acctualy doing this.
I just said goodbye to my biggest dream just to move back to sweden.
I Love England more than I think anyone can imagen and on the same time ivé never been this unhappy.
Even my boss are telling me that i´m not like my old happy me, I´ve changed.
Kier is telling me how happy she is that i am moving back because she can´t stand it seeing me like this,
mark just looked at me like i was an ailen,
Sarah keep telling me not to goo. I´m soo happy about moving back to my family and friends,
but at the same time i feel like i'm cut in half and like a little bit of my soul has been tourn out.
England is my home and my bigest love,
but sweden is my family. I
can't belive how fast everything can change.

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